Georgians with family going back to school won’t be able to count on the extra savings from tax-free holidays this year. The Georgia Department of Revenue recently reported that Georgia legislators chose not to make available any tax holidays in 2017. In 2016 the last weekend in July meant back-to-school shoppers could take advantage of the sales tax holiday in Georgia, paying no tax on computers, school clothing and a vast assortment of school supplies. We ask the question, “How will losing the tax-free holiday affect you?” in this week’s issue of The Telfair Enterprise.

U.S. Marshals and TCSO find fugitive in Workmore

This week’s Telfair County Sheriff’s Office report details local deputies’ collaboration with one of the biggest law enforcement agencies in the country — the United States Marshals Service. A U.S. deputy marshal notified the Telfair County Sheriff’s Office Monday, July 17 about a convicted sex offender who had absconded most recently from South Carolina. TCSO officials say the marshal service reported that they had information that the suspect, 44-year-old Clayton Iltzch could be in Telfair County. Deputies found Iltzch in the Workmore area of Telfair and took him into custody. At the time of his arrest officials say he was found to be in possession of child pornography. “One of the most important responsibilities of the Telfair County Sheriff’s Office is closely monitoring the sex offenders living in our communities as well as those who may be just passing through,” says Telfair Sheriff Chris Steverson. “As soon as the information came to us that a suspected pedophile was attempting to seek refuge and anonymity here in our county, our deputies, along with a deputy U.S. Marshal located the suspect and had him in custody in less than an hour. Our subsequent investigation resulted in additional felony charges against this individual related to him being in possession of suspected child pornography. I expect these additional criminal charges will ensure that this particular offender will spend many years to come, far away from children, locked up in a state prison cell. The only rest an active sex offender will find around here is in a bunk at the Telfair County Jail.” Iltzch is charged with possession of child pornography and failure to register as a sex offender. According to the TCSO he was wanted in two states, Florida and South Carolina.

The coming months may see a change in the Helena horizon — there may be no other alternative but to tear down the old Telfair Hotel. The building’s current owner Russell Cravey says demolition is slated to begin on the front of the structure facing highway 341 which was an add-on to the original building sometime in the 1950’s. The old Helena building wore many hats over the years serving as a hotel, a bank (the bank vault is still intact on the first floor), a VFW hall and more recently a place to shop for antiquities and collectibles through a previous owner. Cravey says ideally, he would be happy to sell the building once known as Helena’s Hotel Willard to someone with the means to restore it to its original splendor but he hasn’t put the property on the market officially yet and is still considering his options. Read more about Hotel Willard in this week’s Telfair Enterprise!