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WEDDING Announcement

Submit a wedding announcement

DEADLINE: Please submit this form as soon as possible. Wedding announcements will be accepted no later than 5:00 p.m. the Friday before publication. There is a charge of $25 which is required BEFORE publication.

NOTICE TO PARENTS: Your wedding is special. Treat is so by timely submission of your wedding write-up and photo following the ceremony, preferably within 90 days of your wedding date.

We do reserve the right to edit all material to fit space available. If you prefer for your write-up to be exactly as submitted, paid space is available at nominal advertising rates. If neither the bride, nor the groom, nor the parents of the bride or groom, are residents of our primary coverage area (Telfair County), it is our policy to carry a photo and cutline with brief information, rather than an extensive write-up. This is due to space limitations. By signing and submitting this information, I understand that this newspaper will provide space for my wedding write-up at a minimal charge of $20.

Please answer the following questions and E-mail your announcement to
**Do not type in ALL CAPS. Forms submitted in ALL CAPS will be rejected and go unpublished.**

Bride name:
City/state of residence:

Bride parents' names
City/state of residence:

Groom name:
City/state of residence:

Groom parents' names
City/state residence:

Date of wedding:

Time of wedding (a.m./p.m.):

Location of wedding:

Reception information:

Bride maternal grandparents:
City/state of residence:

Bride paternal grandparents:
City/state of residence:

Bride attended (schools, colleges, universities):
Degrees, honors, clubs:

At present she is (employed, in school) where?:

Groom maternal grandparents:
City/state of residence:

Groom paternal grandparents:
City/state of residence:

Groom attended (schools, colleges, universities):
Degrees, honors, clubs:

At present he is (employed, in school) where?:

Photo: If you would like to submit a photo along with your wedding announcement, please E-mail it to as a JPEG (.jpg) attachment, minimum size 5 x 7 inches at 72 DPI. Be sure to include the bride and groom's full names in the body of your E-mail to help us match your photo to this form.

Person submitting form:
Relation to couple:

Contact E-mail address: *
Contact daytime phone number: *

* Please note that all electronic submissions must have a phone number and E-mail address listed for verification purposes. Announcement will not be published until verification has been made.

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